About Company

Everyone knows everything about finances – we know each other best. For many years, we have created and designed IT systems for banks, insurance companies and brokerage companies. We were at the birth of more than one financial institution, but unfortunately we were, alas fortunately, rarely, with their more or less violent descent from the financial world. We know, therefore, how financial institutions can earn money, but also how to protect them from losing them.

Until now, we have provided financiers with a gold-digging shovel for digging and searching for nuggets. Today, we want to look for happiness and combine our IT skills with knowledge and experience in the field of finance, to create a solution that will change the face of financial institutions. The ONE account, because that’s how we’ve called our project, will start production in the coming months. We want to involve friendly universities, not just those dealing with banking and finance, but we are also going to take advantage of the potential of our humanists. All this to create a truly multi-genre project.

Details of our solution will be presented soon.