System for broker office service

BrokerONE is a new generation IT system for brokerage office. The BrokerONE software covers the whole area of ​​the brokerage company’s activity with its functionality:

  • Registers and files
    • List of KNF risks and counterparts of colloquial risks
    • Register of insurance companies
    • Register of General Insurance Terms with division into Insurers
    • Templates of broker documents
    • Legal files
    • presentations
  • Broker’s journals
    • Information to the client asking for data
    • Receipt of a complete set of data
    • Claim for loss to the Insurer
    • Receipt of claims
    • The period of work on the broker’s slip
    • Send a slip to ZU
    • The dates of receiving final offers from ZU
    • Brokerage report
    • Customer’s decision
    • Applying for an insurance policy to ZU