CreditOne is an IT system that comprehensively supports the process of granting and processing micro-loans. The system covers the whole period of the loan’s life – from the moment of submitting the loan application to the full repayment of the loan. It allows you to model the process of handling any type of the loans that can be sent to the system from many sources – from websites, social networking sites, from brokers and agents or from your own branch network. Depending on the adopted processing model, the loan application can be assessed basing on inbuilt scoring and rating systems. Additionally, the application’s assessment can be supported by downloading a report on the borrower from credit registers if such functions exist on a given market. CreditOne allows you to make payments and payoff the loans through any payment channel – bank transfer, micropayment systems operating on the local market, cash payment. The system supervises a timely repayment and, if necessary, automatically starts previously defined debt collection procedures. CreditOne standardizes integration with an accounting system and ensures full reporting as well as reporting for the needs of institutions that finance making the loans.

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BrokerOne – system for insurance broker office service

BrokerONE is a new generation IT system for a brokerage office. The functionality of BrokerONE software covers the whole area of ​​the brokerage company’s activity:

  • registers and files
    • list of KNF risks and counterparts of colloquial risks
    • register of insurance companies
    • register of General Insurance Terms with division into Insurers
    • templates of broker documents
    • legal files
    • presentations
  • broker’s journals
    • information for a client asking for data
    • receipt of a complete set of data
    • claim for loss to the Insurer
    • receipt of claims
    • the period of work on the broker’s slip
    • send a slip to the ZU
    • the dates of receiving final offers from the ZU
    • brokerage report
    • customer’s decision
    • applying for an insurance policy to the ZU


Tools for testing card infrastructure

IF ONE provides expert services in the field of card payments. Our services are directed to all entities involved in servicing the payment process, in particular to issuers, banks, acquirers, settlement agents, terminal infrastructure providers.