Credit One – Loan Management Solution

CreditOne is an IT system that comprehensively supports the process of granting and processing microloans. The system covers the whole period of the loan’s life – from the moment of submitting the loan application to the full repayment of the loan. It allows you to model the process of handling any type of the loans that can be sent to the system from many sources – from websites, social networking sites, brokers and agents or from your own branch network. Depending on the adopted processing model, the loan application can be assessed basing on inbuilt scoring and rating systems. Additionally, the application’s assessment can be supported by downloading a report on the borrower from credit registers if such functions exist on a given market. CreditOne allows you to make payments and payoff the loans through any payment channel – bank transfer, micropayment systems operating on the local market, cash payment. The system supervises the timely repayment and, if necessary, automatically starts the previously defined debt collection procedures. CreditOne standardizes integration with accounting system and ensures full reporting as well as reporting for the needs of institutions that finance making the loans.

World class loan servicing software

Loan management software that supports various loan types including personal, corporate, litigation, mortgages and lines of credit.

A loan’s history is maintained in the database and can be retrieved at any point of time built in credit score and risk assessment. The user history and series of audit trails are maintained by default in the solution. Loan decisions can be made faster and better. Reporting capabilities provides an early warning.

Loan process management for all types of financial instructions from small credit unions, micro financial instructions to big banks.