Tools for testing card infrastructure

IF ONE provides expert services in the field of card payments. Our services are directed to all entities involved in servicing the payment process, in particular to issuers, banks, acquirers, settlement agents, terminal infrastructure providers.

IF ONE offers the following Galitt testing software packages:

    • KaNest®: simulation and testing of on-line communication,
    • KaNest®-FILE: simulation and testing of file communication,
    • KaNest®-ICC: testing of terminals,
    • VisualCard®: testing of payment cards.


The Galitt software, which we jointly deliver to the Polish market, allows simulation and testing of each element of the payment process:

KaNest Package® contains 4 modules:

  • KN-S: server simulation module,
  • KN-R: client simulation module,
  • KN-E: editor, used to determine the structure of data exchanged between systems,
  • KN-D: module that allows any application to remotely manage KaNest®.

The tools from KaNest package allow for full automation of the testing process. They make it possible to carry out unit tests, regression tests and load tests. All modules based on the same software engine, to which rules, standards, protocols related to the card payment process are imposed (TLV, ISO 8583, XML, …) and determined by individual card operators (VISA, MasterCard, Diners, …).

Supported formats:

  • own formats,
  • SEPA basic formats ISO 20022 (SCT & SDD),
  • ISO 8583 (IPM, Base I),
  • fixed length (Base II, ECCF, CB2C …).

File structure:

  • fixed-length files,
  • XML,
  • ISO 8589 bitmap,
  • TLV (Tag Length Value),